Flat renovations

Decided to move into a new era this summer and put our flat up for rental. It’s been something I’ve been considering for a while but we have been very lazy and just kept all our junk there. So while Stu and Andy departed for the sorreiller hut and the dibona, Elise and I donned our pinnies and set up our sewing machines in earnest. The result was amazing even if I say so myself. It was like an episode of kirsties home made mixed with sewing bee on acid.

We also threw away so much junk. How you can collect so much stuff in seven years I have no idea. And I’m sure our guests won’t need old bits of felt tips, craft kits, bits of material, and all the baby stuff we did when the weather was too grim for babies to ski. Nowadays, we rush out for the powder that is dumping, but then we did jigsaws….

And we added some beautiful new bunk beds – a double set. Ironically this makes the room seem bigger than the twin beds. Just a much better use of space and very cosy. They have proper swish mattresses too. Very posh!

So the flat is transformed from family mosh pit to smart ski apartment ‘Le Chancel’, in honour of my favourite La Grave run and lunch stop. I’m sure it will give plenty of others wonderful times to ski in the coming winters.






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