not wandering


Been a funny summer, not walking.   I thought that my back hadn’t got that much worse but realised that actually I couldn’t walk.   Walking slowly up to the Jardin du Lauteret yesterday I realised that I missed the act of putting one foot in front of the other on a dusty trail, dodging the crickets and breathing the heavy late summer honey scent of the meleze.   Whilst I had managed to camp, to climb and to swim with some degree of success, and even ride my bike up the valley, walking was a different matter.   The others had been very kind and thoughtful about selecting crags which were less than twenty minutes from the road  – France has many of these luckily.   

The first week in orpierre I walked quite a lot, without too much trouble, but an over ambitious climb in the fournel valley seemed to make it worse again, and after that I had to do a LOT of recovery by the wonderful biopool in Les Vigneux.  I was glad to be back to the flat for ease of living, but missed the dust and earth after camping out for three weeks.