It’s been a long time since when we first started the process of thinking how to expand the house downstairs.  Probably more than two years, but hopefully, today, finally, we had a visit from a builder who will turn all the pieces of paper into reality.  We have pinned, planned, designed, submitted, calculated, argued and visited other sites too.   We have been helped by architects, structural engineers, foundation engineers, building control people, planners…. The list goes on.   We still are waiting for the energy assessor to show we have made the requisite energy savings elsewhere in the house to compensate for what seems quite a small amount of glass at the back.  The whole point is to be able to see the view at the back without being bitten to death by midges, or blown away from the freezing northerly from the Pennines.   And I mean straight off the pennine way…..

There are still a huge amount of hurdles to get over, but today felt like a glimmer of light at the end of a tunnel…


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