staying at home

So after everyone nagged me and nagged me I finally managed to get in at the doctors.  He told me what Iknew.   That I had the flu, that it is the same as everyone else’s flu round here, that when I feel a bit better and try and go somewhere useful like work, I will feel violently ill and throw up, and finally, that it’s likely to last a third week so can I please go home and rest and drink for another week, and handed me a piece of paper saying I am not to go near work for aweek.   

And now I am sitting at home.  Well it’s at least progress from lying down.  I’m going to crochet Elise a beanie, like mums, which is finished but not blocked yet.  I have to say it’s pretty, even if I say myself.   I’m alot happier with the position of the diamonds.   This doesn’t have the Pom Pom yet either but that seems like a lot of effort at the moment, it could be sleep time again….


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